A replacement for for incremental games which need to deal with very large numbers (bigger in magnitude than 1e308, up to as much as 1e9e15) and want to prioritize speed over accuracy.

If you want to prioritize accuracy over speed, please use decimal.js instead.



You can use break_infinity.js directly from a CDN via a script tag:

    <!-- You can load it as a minified file (recommended) -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- ...or as a non-minified file (for debugging) -->
<script src=""></script>

or as a JS module using import

    import Decimal from "break_infinity.js";

or as a Node.js module using require.

    var Decimal = require("break_infinity.js");

For the module approaches, the library is available from the npm registry

    $ npm install --save break_infinity.js

If you are already using decimal.js, just swap out for break_infinity.js and everything will work the same (if there's a missing function or behavioural difference, open an issue and I'll take a look).


The library exports a single class Decimal, constructor of which accepts a Number, String or Decimal.

    const x = new Decimal(123.4567);
const y = new Decimal("123456.7e-3");
const z = new Decimal(x);
const equals = x.equals(y) && y.equals(z) && x.equals(z); // true

The methods that return a Decimal can be chained.

    const short = x.dividedBy(y).plus(z).times(9).floor();
const long = x.times("1.23456780123456789e+9")

For the complete list of functions refer to API docs, decimal.js docs or check out Typescript definitions


So how much faster than decimal.js is break_infinity.js? Operations per second comparison using the same computer with these benchmarks link link:

Project decimal.js break_infinity.js Speedup
new Decimal("1.23456789e987654321") 1.6e6 4.5e6 2.8x
Decimal.add("1e999", "9e998") 1.3e6 3.2e6 2.5x
Decimal.mul("1e999", "9e998") 1.3e6 3.8e6 2.9x
Decimal.log10("987.654e789") 3.9e4 4.7e6 121x
Decimal.exp(1e10) 1.1e4 4.3e6 401x
Decimal.pow(987.789, 123.321) 1.3e4 5.8e6 442x

Antimatter Dimensions script time improved by 4.5x after swapping from decimal.js to break_infinity.js. This could be your incremental game:



First, clone the repo

git clone git://
cd break_infinity.js

Then install npm dependencies

npm ci

And then run build command which will build all targets to the dist directory.

npm run build


Dedicated to Hevipelle, and all the CPUs that struggled to run Antimatter Dimensions.

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